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A graduate of the prestigious Trial Lawyers College, founded and still run by attorney Gerry Spence, Mr. O’Connell litigates cases with one thing in mind:  The best possible result for his clients.  There are many important components of this singular goal including the ability to master all the technical and medical details of any case, not blinking in the face of large insurance companies and defense firms, not playing by the rules, and the desire and willingness to build a solid case, one brick at a time.  There is no substitute for hard work – in law or in life.  While all of the foregoing is true and vitally important, the most important thing we do is know our clients, and we know them well.  How can an attorney hope to represent someone badly injured, or the family of someone who has died tragically, if you don’t know their story?  How can you possibly make a jury understand the loss and pain experienced by someone if you don’t understand?  You can’t.  That’s why we take the time and the effort to know and understand the people we are honored to represent.