Seven Figure Lawyers | The Definitive List of America's Top Lawyers

Seven Figure Lawyers is one of the legal industry’s most prestigious groups.


We are a collective dedicated to lawyers who have received a verdict or settlement of $1,000,000.00 dollars or more. There are over a million active lawyers in America but only a small percentage can call themselves Seven Figure Lawyers™.

Our List is comprised of America’s most impressive and skilled attorneys. Many attorneys on our List have achieved multiple million dollar verdicts and/or settlements and a select few have achieved eight figures. The fact is to become a member of this group an attorney has to possess superior skills within their practice area.

If you are seeking the services of a lawyer of such caliber you can view “The List” and contact one of our members in the state where you are located.

If you are a qualifying attorney and would like to apply to become a member, fill out a membership application for review.

Seven Figure Lawyer Application Form

Lawyer Info


Qualifying Case

Any case where you received a settlement, award, verdict, or judgment for one million dollars or more as a principal and/or co-counsel.

Final amount of settlement, arbitration award, or verdict (if confidential, please write "My client received a settlement/verdict/award of one million dollars or more."

Date of settlement, award, verdict, or judgement
Verifying Case Documentation (Optional)

If the information provided is stated to be “confidential,” Seven Figure Lawyers™ will not disclose such information absent a legal obligation.
To expedite approval please provide adequate documentation to allow for verification of the settlement, arbitration award, verdict or judgment.

The Following Questions Are Optional But May Aid In The Decision Process

Briefly explain why you believe you have superior litigation skills and therefore should be awarded Seven Figure Lawyer Membership.

Do you have additional million dollar or more verdicts, settlements or awards. If so, how many at a minimum?

Provide names and email addresses of peer attorneys who we may contact on your behalf and who would vouch for your superior litigation skills.

Credit Card Info

Applicants will not be charged until their application is approved and they have received a member acceptance email.

 I certify as a member of the State Bar that all information and documentation provided herein is true and factual.

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Applicant Criteria

  1. Applicant must be in good standing with their State's Bar.
  2. Applicant must have acted as principal counsel (primarily in charge of and responsible for the litigation process) in a court adjudication, jury trial, biding arbitration, or other litigation whereby the applicant's client received a final judgment, final arbitrator's award or final settlement of one million dollars or more, respectively.
    • Applicants may still qualify if a final judgment of one million dollars or more is subject to appeal; post trial motions; reversal on appeal; award reduction due to statutory damage cap; reduced settlement after entry of judgment; the settlement award is subject to confidentiality provisions (see Confidential Settlements below); or the one million dollar or more award is attained after costs, interests and fees are included in the award; the one million dollar or more award is attained by an award to multiple clients in one case, including class action cases.
  3. Applicant shall provide sufficient information or documentation to allow for verification of the above-listed qualifications.
  4. Applicant must certify as a member of their State’s Bar that their description of the case, arbitration or settlement is true.
  5. Applicant shall demonstrate his superior litigation skills by either explaining why he should be accepted as a member; providing peer attorneys to recommend him; and/or providing the minimum amount of million dollar or more settlements, verdicts or awards he or she has achieved.

Confidential Settlements

If Applicant’s qualifying settlement is subject to confidentiality provisions, Applicant shall provide notice by writing “confidential” in the appropriate fields on the Application; provide a general description of the case with the statement: “my client receive an verdict/settlement/award of one million dollars or more”; and certify as a member of their State’s Bar that the description is true.

**“If the information provided is stated to be “confidential,” Seven Figure Lawyers™ will not disclose such information absent a legal obligation.”